Learn more about the Ragdoll Secret Agent NFT collection by Cyn Kirkeby

About the RSA NFT collection

From the mind of Cyn Kirkeby comes Agent R, a top-notch Ragdoll Secret Agent (RSA). Even though he’s only been on the job for a couple of years, he’s as good as it gets. As the head of the super-secret RSA division of the Cat Authority, Agent R is a master of disguise. Designed in his secret lab in California he works with Cyn to find new ways to blend in by standing out. 

Agent R also has some helpful sidekicks (from little birds to an octopus to a flying alien) that help him solve the challenging missions ahead.

NFT Collection Type

10,000 Generative One of a Kind

Release Date

Coming Soon


Cyn Kirkeby


ETH with Polygon (eco-friendly)

143 Unique Traits

Ragdoll Secret Agent (RSA) NFTs have over 100 traits in 14 groups. Each of the Traits can be explored in our special section. Each layer was individually created by Cyn Kirkeby – a designer and entrepreneur located in California.  The traits include all sorts of fun disguises for Agent R and they include some fun backgrounds that hint at where Agent R may be headed next.

A mathematical algorithm was used to mix and match all of the layers to create a set of 10,000 unique (1/1) images.

The RSA NFT collection has been created from the mind of Cyn Kirkeby and is just the beginning

Collect Agent R in his various disguises…

What do you think his next mission will be?

Become part of the elite RSA division of the Cat Authority today.